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Willie Billings on the importance of Young Republicans
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April 9
Willing Billings took 62.22% of the votes for Utah State House District 72
at the Washington County Republican Nominating Convention.
Thanks to the delegates who vetted candidates, showed up and voted.
This is the true form of Representatives Government at the grass roots in our neighborhoods.
Did you know?
The State of Utah has loopholes permitting  candidates to get on the ballot by paying others to gather signatures for them, thereby bypassing the traditional election process which vets our candidates.
How do you want YOUR representative candidate chosen?
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"Hi, I am reaching out to thank you for your time, knowledge, and support of the Hurricane Community. I was at the Dixie Springs Meeting with Nanette and I am so appreciative to both of you for your leadership within our city. I saw this group of people being listened to, empowered, and cared for by you both during a very emotionally charged discussion. As I stated at the end of the meeting, I believe Dixie Springs to be a wonderful neighborhood, Your time, willingness, support, and help to mobilize them is commendable. In gratitude,"

Kim Lytle
Hurricane City Resident

Video: Wille on Education Funding

Willie Billings News
Campaign meeting on a chilly morning at the Main Street cafe in Hurricane. Everyone should enjoy this fine restaurant. Great food and even better service! Thanks to all who came.
Willie Billings News
We marched for Veterans Day! In honor and thanking our Veterans for serving our country. It was a great turnout.